A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mother-in-Law Comes to Visit

When my wife invited her mother to come take care of me while she went on a business with her boss she instructed to treat mummy with respect and for me to do as I was told. Little did I know at the time that it would involve me being her personal face cushion.

OK sunny get ready to taste a real woman
It didn't take long for her to teach me the pleasures of having your face pressed between the thighs of a big woman.

My dick sprang to life as I watched sit

I must have passed out from lack of air for suddenly I came to just in time to see her massive ass descend upon my face.

Crushed under her immense weight with my mouth trapped between the folds of her giant  labia and my nose wedged deep in her rectum, I actually feared for my life and yet my boner throbbed from my humiliation

As she wiggled until I was a perfect fit between the cheeks of her derriere she reached down to grab my penis through my shorts.
"It's a good thing my daughter has a boss who can satisfy her because this puny dick couldn't do it."
Now my humiliation was complete and as I learned of my wife's affair I came in my shorts


Anonymous said...

Now this is so hot. To be under such a powerful Ass and surrender all dignity while your wife is out seeking pleasure!! Wow!!Thanks for these posts!!! bklyn_jim at yahoo

Anonymous said...

I would love to slurp on her brutal cunt, and even worse bum. I hope you are made to wear a bra as she teaches you to be a submissive cuck

Throne said...

Best of, this mother-in-law will be around to enjoy her face rides about three times a week. And then the wife will come home to have her pussy licked clean.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't my mother-in-law, just someone my wife knew. She had me get much better acquainted with her after i made a comment about what's good for the goose...in response to her not coming home until the following morning after a hot date. Her friend is insatiable, and i guess it is her size, she is really strong. She paddles my butt with a wooden bath brush to encourage me keep up with her desires. The next day, i can't tell which is more sore, my butt, my dick or my jaw.

Anonymous said...

I think every sub guy should seek out a bbw to serve. My experience is that some are just about insatiable which is good thing for a beta male to experience.