A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Her Boss Stops by

My wife likes oral but only when it's me giving it to her, she won't even kiss my dick,
"I'm sorry but even the thought of putting your thing in my mouth makes me want to throw up'' She says.

So one night we go out to dinner with her boss, the way she talks about him I know she has a big crush on him and I've always had a fantasy of watching her with another man, so when we all end up back at our place we have a few drinks, then a few more. When he goes to the restroom I whisper in her ear about my fantasy and before I know it we end up in our bedroom...

She actually moaned as she licked the head of his cock
Does this look like a woman who won't do oral?

I don't think she even remembered I was in the room
Soon she was giving head like a woman possessed

Look at her swallowing all that jizz
When he said he was ready to cum she begged him to cum in her mouth

Just look at all that lust in her eyes
She licked up the spillage on his cock, kissed the tip and thanked him. So it turns out it's not that she hates giving head she just hates giving head to me



Anonymous said...

that l'il wifey slurps the meatcicle like a champ.

Bet'cha she blows everybody in town except her twerp hubby.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, sir....sir, is that your wife sucking cocks back in the men's room?

evesham said...

Did she let you clean her mouth, and kiss her delicious cum-breath? Being English I've been taught that is one of the best thrills of being a slave to a big cock woman

Anonymous said...

That l'il cocksuckers perfect. Started off very humbly licking her Bull studs big Dangler then cranked up to lip-locked bobbing frenzy, got her her big gulp of sperm & finished up reverently with a real nice tongue rolling, knob swabbing clean-up of that big gooey Jelly Roll.

Women don't treat their hubbies that good so he had to be a b/f fwb bull :)

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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