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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Art of Submission

 From the FLR Tumblr page, reading this make my little pecker so hard
In a Female Led Relationship, the cuckold should be clean shaven without a single trace of hair. The woman should be comfortable with her natural pubic hair. There are many reasons for this.
Society tells women they must be clean shaven - they are told it is what men want. This requires a lot of time and effort. Men on the other hand are under no such requirement. Of course, this isn’t fair.
Once the FLR begins, the woman is free of this chore. Shaving is an act of submission - changing one’s natural body to please the desires of another. This is not appropriate for the woman in an FLR. By transferring this chore to the male, several things happen:
1. The male must the spend time and effort of shaving, purely to please her. She is free from worrying about pleasing him. The effort of shaving is a daily reminder of his worship of her.
2. From a visual standpoint, he now looks submissive while she looks like the dominant one - it is reversal of the typical male/female dynamic.
3. It keeps his pubic hairs from pinching in the chastity cage, making it more comfortable for long term wear.
4. Her pubic hair traps her sexual odors, making her natural perfume much more intense. This instantly puts her caged male into very aroused state, enhancing the experience of oral sex for both of them.
5. She becomes accustomed to seeing his shaved little penis. This might be an intimate secret they share, but it does not arouse her feminine self. However, it makes the sight of a masculine, hairy man with a large, uncaged cock even more exciting. The contrast is irresistible, helping open the door to cuckolding.
6. The cuckold sees the difference between his feminized body and the bodies of the masculine men she likes. He gains a better appreciation of the things that turn her on. He becomes curious and he even finds the contrast of a large, hairy cock attractive when compared to his smooth, feminine body. Again this naturally helps to encourage cuckolding.


Anonymous said...

per divenire una perfetta sissy-boy bisogna per forza passare in maniera graduale dai clisteri, alla depilazione totale, alle creme, alla lingerie sexy femminile e alla fine abituarsi a sculettare con la gabbia sul piccolo uccello...!!! spero un giorno di poterlo indossare anch'io adoro divenire una perfetta syssy !!! grazie amore ti seguo sempre baci baci baci

Linda38DD@hotmail.com said...

How true,I have my hubby compleetly hair less from his nose on down and he does all the household chores...Its only right.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more. i always keep myself clean shaven

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Indeed, a power shift...and i can see why! sara

Anonymous said...

Knowing what the shaved male means, I keep myself shaved in most places and trim my other body hair short. My wife really doesn't know what it means other than I must like it this way. I quietly show my submission to her without her knowing. She wouldn't understand it.

Anonymous said...

8 years ago my wife and I stopped having sex. It got to the point of being a chore for me. I also was having problems with sleep deprivation and horrendously painful leg cramps at night. I've always slept naked. But my legs had a thick coat of hair, and they would sweat at night. Long story short, I one day got out the clippers and cut all my hair off, except my head. I spent quite a few minutes feeling skin I hadn't felt since being a little boy. I'm a naturist also so this new look felt quite good. First night I slept hairless i slept 10 hours, no cramps, sweating, getting up many times to drink or pee.

A few months ago I didn't shave my legs for 6 weeks. The hair came back and I could also feel the cramps coming back. I actually hated the sight of the hair and was glad to get rid of it. Now I only drink half as much water as when I was hairy, and I feel much more comfortable on hot days.

So now I keep hairless. And I love it. Mrs. hasn't said much about it. I also have been wanting to serve a mistress in the last few years. That's another story, maybe for a blog.

sissyteri said...

This is the natural way of things. sissies should remain hairless and Women should be free to choose

susan9316 said...

Totally agree. Sissies should always be hairless and proudly so. Not a man but a submissive sissy. Best if locked and fully under her control. symbolically and as a daily truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my wife's BULLS prefer I m shaved clean face to toes asshole (manpussy hole) to belly button. My wife even had me get my asshole ring Tattooed pink so it looks more like a pussy! all her bulls love how my manpussy looks all smooth with my tiny ball sack hanging all smooth!