A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Only those of us that get off on humiliation can appreciate the joy this husband is getting


Throne said...

The thought of having your wife stolen away by a bully, former rival or her tough ex-boyfriend is scary and erotic at the same time. There's a lot of room for different happenings in this situation.

Unknown said...

I loved watching my wife fuck and suck, and I made sure her cunt was always clean...She got sick and now I don't have anyone's pussy to clean after a load of cum has been deposited..

Any Help would be appreciated..

Anonymous said...

I'm a black cuck and my wife's bull is this thug who has ZERO respect for me. He humiliates and degrades me every chance he gets. He tells me how I suck cock better then my wife. He fucked me once while she was out. It was kept a secret for a few days, then he bragged to my wife how he fucked me a few days ago. My wife didn’t believe him so he proved it to her. My wife watch as she sat on the edge of our bed as she watched me bend over and wiggled my ass onto her lover’s throbbing black cock. She literally told me to my face “When I saw my Bull’s hard cock disappear inside of you and you let out a that whimpered moan sounding like some damn sissy, that really signified the loss of your manhood and any and all access to my pussy from this day forward”.
Her bull now lives with us. Our neighbors seem to have noticed the changes in myself and our home. I am no longer able to park in my driveway, his car is there. My wife has stopped shaving and she dresses more provocatively. Just recently she went out with him to shop. All she had on was a sleeve less tshirt, no bra, her nipples were clearly visible. She also had on some booty shorts and pumps. She told me that her lover brings out the slut in her. Its very degrading and its a constant humiliation. The only problem is I love the sexual aspect and my wife is happy.