A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Her First Cum

I could never cum from being penetrated and I always thought it was me. I could get a good tingle if I sat on my husbands face for what seemed like hours but that was about all. Then I bumped into Reggie at the office Christmas party and after too much to drink I let him have me.He taught me I could cum  if I were fucked by a real Man and now I'm hooked. Oh I keep hubby around, he is good for clean up duty and you know what's funny I think he likes his new role better


Dan said...

I got to tell you I diffidently like my role of being her clean up boy after her boy friend fucks her. I was never able to satisfy my wife with my little dick so it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing I don't have to worry about satisfying her with my dick. I do satisfy her with mt tongue but her boy friend takes care of her with his big dick.

esclavoo said...

me gusta ser una sissy muy servicial y tener contenta ami esposa y asu novio disfruto mucho verlos felices

Anonymous said...

Es macht mich richtig froh, wenn meine Herrin von ihrem BBC beglückt wird. Dann wird mir mein Micropenis besonders bewußt und ich gebe mir dann bei beider Reinigung besondere Mühe. Neulich war iuch sio bemüht, das ihr Lover plötzlich bei der Reinigung auf meine Zunge spritzte.