A Humiliated Husband

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Back Door Cleaner

 Her new Beau is giving Her anal tonight so I have to make sure her back door is especially clean and shinny for Him


Throne said...

But will he have to clean her again after she's been with her lover?

Herboitoy said...

After clean up is the best

Anonymous said...

It does look like he is doing a very good job. Coming out as a beta male, i soon learned that that there are gals out there that really like to have their back doors licked. Some can be pretty sore back there after a good butt fucking, so i have to be really gentle afterwards which i learned the hard way. My current gf, her male friend was here for the weekend, the next butt he fucked was mine, and she took it much better than i did. Since that experience i am very gentle afterwards.