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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Keeping the Lady Boss Happy

How to get a raise
I told my wife that I rocked my perforce review, of course I didn't say how


Alana Tgirl said...

WISH that I was in her position. =D

Anonymous said...

That's "job security" for sure...tho this one is a little hard for me to "suspend reality" on, I mean a hot lady Boss? OK, easy to accept & oh so desirable :) But a lady Boss voluntarily mutilated & scarrified with a super duper mark of the lowest of the low class, a tatt? Nahhhh, not
believable unless he slurping up the owner of a tatoo parlor or small chain of tatoo parlors, lol. Sorry, but tattz mark one off from their true potentially of success. The mark of the lowest of the low class...

Wanda Peters said...

I love that image. I have a book that will be free on Amazon this Friday, April 10 through April 14 that follows a similar theme.
It is titled, "Addicted to High Heels or A Slave to my Wife's Boots.