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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guidelines to a Happy Marriage

Rules for the subservient husband: (Thanks to the Subservient Husband blog)

My wife expects me to help her lead the relationship.
2) The approach of our marriage dynamic will follow the general guidelines of the "Uniquely Rika" book.
3) All household chores are my responsibility to complete before the weekend unless otherwise directed. This includs; (Meals, Laundry & Ironing, House Cleaning).
4) I am not allowed to have orgasms and should expect to live in enforced chastity to ensure I am kept chaste.
5) I will understand my wife's sexual desires are decreased when I act too submissive. I need to act like a normal husband in our daily encounters and try to stay focused on my masculine traits which she enjoys experiencing.
6) I will keep my body weight at morning weigh in between 160-165 lbs.
7) I need to keep my tone of conversation away from too confrontational and too submissive.
8) My wife makes all financial decisions. My pay must always be wholly transfered into her account.
9) My wife is free to choose how family free time is spent, but values my views in helping make the decisions and she may on occasion ask me for my views.
10) I should not ask my wife what she has decided about any scheduling. Information will be provided to me on a need-to-know basis when my wife decides it necessary.
11) I am not allowed to go on any submissive blog or website unless approved by my wife. My wife wants to limit outside influences.
12)  I need to exercise my abs five times per week.

I need to always plan on waking up to care for the children so my wife can sleep. I need to try to minimize noises so her sleep is not disturbed.
2) When my wife comes downstairs, she would enjoy if her breakfast was ready.
3) I need to plan on straightening up the bedroom after breakfast.

I need to try to stay attentive to my wife while she is at work.
2) I need to work on my empathy to my wife and try to anticipate her wants. To help develop this trait, I need to try to do one thing for her each day that she would like, but without her having to ask for it.

I will oversee the children’s homework and bedtime activities, but my wife may take over parts whenever she feels the need.
2) I am reqired to stay in bed after my wife falls asleep for the night, as she sleeps better when I am next to her. I need to wait for the alarm clock or the children to signal my time to leave the bed in the morning and am not allowed to leave the bed before then.

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