A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

She goes out, he stays Home

Getting ready for her date
George, are you out there?, I'm running late and I need you to help me get dressed. Be a dear and pick out a sexy dress, I don't care which one and long as he will like it. What color panties should I wear, oh never mind I think I'll just go without.
Now while I'm gone I'm expecting you to finish cleaning the house and you better at least start the laundry after you put the kids to bed. After I get home if I'm not too tired maybe I'll let you out of your cage.


BOB said...

I once stopped by a friend's house , to help him put up some sheetrock in an office that he was building for his wife in their house.

When i walked in ,the husband was in the kitchen fixing snacks and drinks for his wife and her 3 girlfriends.The women were all wearing beach cover ups [that barely hid thier bikinis] and were relaxing with their barefeet up on the coffee table.While the husband fetched them drinks snacks

The wife explained to her girlfriends that i was here to help her husband with the construction project[me and him both worked as carpenters]. The other women casually remarked on how they had their own husbands doing home improvement projects or housework that day.

A 4th female friend showed up a few minutes later.And the women got ready to leave for the local swimming pool. The wife casually informed her husband to do the laundry while she was gone.She then asked where her shoes were. The ladies had all left their sandals in another room.So the husband obediently fetched the women's sandals.

I then helped him do the dishes ,so that we could get started on the dry wall project.During this time i also helped him with the laundry

All of this time, the wife and her female friends were laying out at a swimming pool that was known for being a place where athletic guys and women liked to lay out and show off thier bodies. So while we slaved away at my friend's house, the ladies were probably scoping out the hot male bods at the pool.

After we had finished, he started to prepare dinner for his wife and her friends. Sadly, i had to leave for a night job that i had at the time.But i would have loved to help him serve his wife and her girlfriends [and in a way i had served his wife that day.by helping her husband do his chores]

Another time i stopped by his house and he was vacuuming.I aksed after his wife.And he said that she was out on a freind's bacholerette party at a club that featured male strippers

They were a normal American couple.But it was defintly a female led marriage.Even if they might not have described it that way

Sadly, they moved and i lost touch with them.But i later heard that the wife had graduated from med school.And that they had had a second child.And because of childcare costs, the husband was now a stay at home dad[ since the wife far outearned the husband]
All of this is entirely true.And i myself think that they had the perfect marriage.And that this type of marriage is going to be more and more common

Herboitoy said...

I agree with Bob, that it's erotic when a husband takes a submissive role in the marriage and even more so when she shows off her control over the husband to her friends