A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ass Licking hubby

That's a good boy stick your tongue way up there
Making hubby lick her arse is not an unpleasant feeling but the real real reason she has him do it is because she can


Throne said...

One she's made him her ass slave, he will never be allowed to kiss her on the mouth again.

Anonymous said...

OMG, butt hole licking is SO LOW !!! She feels so good knowing that you will sink to the absolute lowest levels to properly adore her gorgeous, oh so curvy ass.

A wife with a beautiful ass should get her butt hole licked whenever she steps from the bath or shower, so fresh, so squeaky clean.

If she still permits you the great privelege of mounting her to fuck her pussy, you ought to lick her cream pie up & finish with licking her butt hole to demonstrate your gratitude for being permitted to mount & squirt off

Kara said...

How very true