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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Want to Join in

Up close and personal is my dream
As a cuckold, my fantasy is to be allowed to join in but my wife refuses because, as she says her lover is for her pleasure not mine. So exciting to dream of being this close to the action, watching him go in and out covered in her juices, waiting to do my part as clean-up boy. What if he plopped out and fell into my face, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I helped put him back into my wife and surely a little lick from me to insure he is wet enough would be OK.


Linda38DD@hotmail.com said...

Its their pleasure thats important,if she finds you disturbing or disturbing then you should be respectful

Candy Palmer said...

Well, so long as you deliver pleasures then it should be acceptable. That's just how it goes. Darwin Escorts

Anonymous said...

What cucks are good for:
1) Solid financial support for the cuckoldress & her children
2) Fluffing her Bulls
3) Licking her butthole
4) Licking her vagina
5) acting as birth control when he slurps up her cream pie or takes a squirt right from the hose
6) worshiping her flesh
7) obeying her
8) submitting to her punishments
& oh so much more

BTW - great picture of "The Million Dollar View" position :) That privileged position in itself is worth being a cuckold for. To see a real man fuck your wife just inches from your face is gratifying to see your woman gratified & made content

Anonymous said...

When he slides under & in to lick his wife's clit while her Bull takes her doggy style, them big ol'cum balls around going to bouncing off his nose.

After her Bull gratifies her completely (which is something her low life cuckie can not do) & squirts her pussy full of seed, Senorito Cuck can lick wifey's pussy up real clean'n'tidy. Yummy yummy yum Cream Pie. Then he can engulf her Bull's pecker head in his gooey, sticky mouth, clamp a major lip lock just in back of the big meaty mushroom head & do tongue twirls until his wife's stud's peckerhead is tongue polished real good 'n shiny.

It's really the least a cuck can do for the man who just made the wife so happy, satisfied & content.

Anonymous said...

When a hot wife is down or her hands & knees with her butt up & she's wiggling it enticely, a loving cuck needs to crawl under her & tuck his head end so he can watch a real man enjoy & satisfy his wife & licking her clit while her Bull's sawing in & out of her throbbing pussy.

Anonymous said...

meant to say when she's down on her knees & elbows....just sounds naughtier :)

Anonymous said...

slurp, slurp....llllll....slurp, slurp....llllll.... oh god baby lick me out, lick me clean....slurp, slurp, lllllllll, slurp, slurp, lllllll....swallow it, gulp it down....slurp, slurp....llllll....gulp, gulp, glug...polish Bobby's big knob, go on tongue twirl for him, show him respect, thank him for making you wife cum and cum and cum, tell him he can come over & fuck your wifes brain out anytime he wants....when he's here he's the Man of the house, the Master of your wifes hot ass.....llllllll, slurp, slurp, slurp....Thanks Bobby....Anytime you want to tear off a piece of ass, come over & visit Her, Bobby...Thanks so much Bobby....You fuck my wife so good....she's so happy when you're fucking her tail....She's your bitch, bobby...

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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