A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hubby Helps Out

'Cleaning' HIS cock
For a straight man learning to suck cock is an acquired taste, or maybe for a cuckold like me I should say a required taste. The first time was a surprise for when HE was finished with my wife he just pulled it out and plopped it in my mouth. The taste was not unlike the cream-pies I have been eating from my wife so I closed my eyes and made believe his dick was just a giant clit.

Cock sucking husband
It didn't take long to go from clean-up boy to fluffer, I think it turns my wife on to see the humiliated look on my face as she feeds me HIS boner.


Leeanne Montgomery said...

My wife, without question, is extremely turned from watching me suck a cock for her and in preparation for it entering her pussy.

Anonymous said...

It does help to think of it as a sticky clit the 1st few times you're made by your wife to lick the goo off her bull stud's cock after he fucks her real hard & pumps her full of strong seed.

But you can't fool yourself long, you gotta face it that your beloved wife has forced you into the life of a cocksucker for her benefit :)

You're life is just a series of humiliations imposed on you by your Wife. she just loves humiliating you & you love her for humiliating you.

You realize that it's so good to fluff your wife's Bull Studs up real big & super hard for her pleasure. You watch in awe as he mounts her & fucks her good & hard till she cums, screaming, toes curled, begging, whimpering for her mighty master's seed, whispering her love & submission to the Bull who just cuckolded you before your very eyes.

You hear the "plop" as he pulls out of your wife's super screwed pussy & you take him into your warm wet mouth & twirl your tongue to polish his knob real clean'n'tidy'n'shiny...it's the least you can do to thank him for satisfying your Wife. That's something you can't do, satisfy your Wife. You must demean yourself to thank the Virile Bull Studs who keep her happy & content.

Oh yes, when a Bull coming calling at your door, there's (at least) two very loving & submissive people waiting to serve & please him & harvest his gooey sticky squirt of seed

Life is good when your beloved wife makes you eat seed

Anonymous said...

only one thang lower on God's green earth than a cuckold & that's a cock sucking cuckold :)I can't sink no lower. My mouth is my wife's BirthControl...

Anonymous said...

Would love to meet a cheater so low that she'd not only cuck hubby & turn him into a cum swallowing fluffer for the "real" men in her life but who'd also dangle the prospect of her pubescent turning 18 soon daughters before her hard riding Bull Studs. Just dangle them girls before her Bull's snorting nose & talking 'bout how your l'il darlings will be 18 real soon & you wanna introduce'm to loving "real" men, big bulls with stamina....and maybe your Bull will get'im a young, fleshy reward for stud services well rendered....and wouldn't it be so funny to make daddy fluff up the Bull just before he sank balls deep into the apple of daddy's eye? and, course, momma'd be there holding l'il Susies hand while l'il Susie took her 1st mounting & rode her 1st huge enormous pecker...kinda wonder who'd be licking up l'il Susie's 1st cream pie. L'il Susie needs to learn that a girl can clean up the sticky mess or have her cuck tongue clean her fucked pussy...Why would any Cuckoldress not teach her daughters the wiles & ways of the dominant female who lays with lotsa big bull studs but enjoys the financial security of being the absolute Boss over her cucked Hubby ?

Herboitoy said...

All these sexy comments have given me a stiffy

Anonymous said...

Being a cocksucker is humiliating but doesn't hold a candle to being forced into a life of cocksuckery for the benefit, amusement & pleasure of your own Wife & her numerous Bull Studs... Now THAT'S Humiliating :)

A hubby forced into cocksuckery & sperm eating probably gets mo'variety & mo'better & mo'Bigger & mo'CreamierJuicier peck than your average gay guy

When you are legally under the awesome Power & Control of Cuckoldress, life is good for Her & for Her cock-sucking, obedient, submissive & supportive Cuck

Anonymous said...

LOL, "legally" means you married the dominant cuckolding bitch & she literally owns you, your ass & everything you got :) That's the good life & the way a happy, fulfilling marriage was meant to be

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder how many fabulous, mighty & powerful conqueresses & cuckoldresses use their husbands mouth as "birth control". After all every sperm that squiggles & swims down his throat to his guts is one less possible impregnator :)

Divine Cuckoldress Ladies, fess up, how many of you have forced your hubbies into cocksuckery so his seed swallowing mouth is also birth control? I know, I know, forcing hubby into sucking your Bull Stud's cocks (& that is Plural, lol) has lots & lots of benefits for you the lady of the house....but, fess up now :)

Cucks, has it ever entered you mind that your wild she bitch Cuckoldress, whom you worship, is using your mouth as a birth control cum dump (among other good reasons she started forcing your head down in lowly servitude to the many Big Bones in her life ?

Anonymous said...

My wife has had a "bull" pen full of studs for years. She is just shy at the moment but her goal is 14 penned raging bulls as she loves have'm on a daily rotation. They know what day & time slot their turn is & she needs 2 a day real bad & I mean she needs her big peckers really really bad. Her main need in life is getting big peckered 2 or times a day. She loves being naked in the bed with a hand picked Bull who's just plum of seed, real low-hangers, heavy with seed.

She forced me into sucking her stud's early on. At first swallowing cum either from her cum drenched pussy or taking a mouth squirt direct from the hose. Of course, wasn't long before she had me "fluffing" too.

She can almost cum just from humiliating me before her bulls while she's treating them like Kings sexually.

I know I've saved her pregnancy many times & after the 1st few times I got to really like the taste of bull bone, the taste of the gooey seed & the utter humiliation of sucking my wife's many many lover's big hard cocks.

No stud has ever declined her offer to have her husband suck their cocks while she directed, talked dirty & watched.

I'm a very very lucky man to have found my wife. She always knows what I need way before I do & she has forced me to submit to alot of hot dirty sex to please her.