A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Caught by the Camera

Roger I think you look cute that way
She not only took a selfie of me with my face buried in her bum she posted it for all her friends to see. I was humiliated and decided to get even...

No wonder she said that Janice was her best friend
I set up a nanny cam in her bedroom to see if I could catch her naked but I recorded much more than that


Anonymous said...

That's a lickable ass for sure. Now that she rightfully posted picks of you licking her butt=hole, you'll probably suddenly get to be a popular guy.

In my experience when a butt=hole lickers is outed they tend to get used a whole lot.

Now the folks in your town will probaly have the cleanest butt=holes in the State thanks to you.

2nd pic, any gal that defaces her own lovely flesh with tatz oughta be an ass-licker cause they're worthless trash.

Only thing lower in this world that an ass-licking butt-hole slurper is a queer ass-licking butt-hole slurper with Tatz :) and that's a fact !

Anonymous said...

Once you get beyond the horrifying, humiliating & debasing SHOCK of it &
acquire the taste for it, Licking a dominant wife's butt=hole is pretty hard to beat :)

Anonymous said...

Life is good when a bitch is grinding her ass in your face & ain't nuttin' you can do about it except submit, accept and slurp till she cums Big, cums Good, cums on your face ..... ahhhhh, so good.

Hot bitch ass is the secret ingredient of happiness

Anonymous said...

That queer on the bottom is hot 'cept for the horrible self-scarification under her tit. Why would beauty deface itself? Being queer for pussy is debasement enough but tatz can be degrading but still & all she's getting her face grinded under some hot sticky pussy so she's doing just fine :)

Anonymous said...

girls who make others lick their butt-holes RULE !!! Hope we get lots more pics of drop-dead gorgeous Domme bitches face grinding sub's going forward :)

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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