A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forced to Watch

About to see how a real man satisfies a woman
Is my little man all comfy, I want you to sit here and watch me fuck your boss. When he's finished with me I'm going to bring my cum filled pussy over here and stick it in your face. Well would you look at that you just came all over you leg.


sub hub in phx said...

This is a hot thing to think about it, seeing Mistress being gloriously fucked into a state of bliss is exciting to think about, but I know that my tender heart couldn't handle watching her with another man. Why can't their be robots for this? *Smile Now, watching her with another woman, whether it was a Domme fucking her and or fem sub being fucked by her is something I know I could handle. I know, it's not fair.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tied to a chair watching your Boss stud service you're hot wife & then having to swallow his seed when Wifey makes you lick the cream pie up all clean'n'tidy after her & da'Boss have cummed & she's full of cum....that's an ideal marriage :)

Imagine 40 hrs a week around the Boss & he's fucking your wife anytime he wants, he sexs her anyway he wants and you gulp & swallow da'Bosses seed down your gullet....

You wonder when he's gonna make you suck his cock in his office.

He owns your Wife & he owns you too...lol, if you had a daughter you know he'd be fucking her too

Anonymous said...

Wonder if She makes him tongue dry her butthole after she bathes? Bet'cha She does :)

Wonder how many hours a day She makes him lick her pussy? Bet'cha about 2 hrs (off 'n on) a day, at least :)

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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