A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Wife Brings Home a Present

Momma's got jizz for you
Hi sweetie, look what Johnnie gave me just for you. Just lay down here on the floor I don't you to miss a drop.

I don't get to watch but I do get to clean-up the mess
I swear your mouth almost feels as good as Johnnie's cock. Ah yes, eat it, keep eating it I'm gonna cum


Anonymous said...

The only thing more beautiful than her dripping cream pie is how she feeds him the honey pot.

Now that is one super clean & tidy Wife.

Great demonstration of the foundations of a rock solid marriage.

Anonymous said...

When a woman loves a man, she'll teach him his lessons, show him who's Boss & keep his face real real sticky.

That is soundest basis for a strong, lady led, happy life behind closed doors

Anonymous said...

Fresh made cream pie is the most delicious of all "taste treats".

Since every wife should be serving her husband this delicious & nutrious treat as often as possible, I have included a basic recipe for new brides & young ladies who are engaged & soon to know connubial bliss :)


Find a gorgeous, handsome, muscular & athletic Bull Stud, preferably way younger than you. Youth equals "stamina" & "stamina" stirs up the best cream pie

Screw you young Bull Stud, hot, and I do mean red hot. Really show him what a hot piece of ass is all about.

Wiggle & squirm & hip swivel on that big hard dick. Push back on his outstroke & push back more on his instroke.

Really get that big stick stirring up the pot in your belly so you guts are rich 'n creamy & oh so steamy.

When he squirts his seed, hubby's cream pie is ready to serve up fresh, hot & oh-so sticky 'n gooey.

Lower yourself on hubby's face and rock your ass back & forth on his face till he's eat up all the creamy goodness & hubby's belly is full of your young stud's Seed.

(Cultural side note: Korean women do this to their hubby's for birth control purposes)

Now, you be fucked royale to total contented. Your big strong "young" bull stud's balls are drained & empty & he's real a real happy camper. Hubby's face is all gooey sticky & his belly is full of seed.

Everybodies happy & smiling & fulfilled. Your young bull stud will be back for another slice of the good life (lol, your smoking hot pussy lips) real soon and hubby gonna get fed cream pie right regular as all husbands should.

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...
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Anonymous said...

Comments are super hot!!!!!