A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forced to Eat His Cum

It was most humiliating to hear them laugh at my predicament
The choice is yours, you can either swallow it or push it in my pussy but if I get preggers it's all on you sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Perfect birth control for the absolutely lovely Wifey. Now that's a true lover of men, real men.

She loves real men so much that she didn't marry one.

By marrying dweebs, Cuckoldress can ensure her stability, Financial Well-Being & enjoy all the real men she wants right in the comfort of her very own "marriage bed".

The life of a dominant Cuckoldress is sweet. Surprising that so few, way too few, ladies exercise that incredible "life option" :)

Unknown said...

This is simply a sign of respect to her lover but tasting his cum. If it's good enough for her, you better believe its good enough for you

Throne said...

How considerate of her to 'drop him a kiss'. Maybe the protein will make him more of a man... but I doubt it.

Unknown said...

Where is the original video? Would love to see the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Polishing your Wife's bull stud's knob after he's screwed her guts inside out is a good way of showing respect & You should be very respectful to all the Men who are keeping your wife happy & sexually sated & content.

Those Studs are doing for the Mrs what you could never too - make her cum, make her cum good & make her cum Plenty

You need to not only be Grateful to her beau's you need to show them your gratitude in the most personally humiliating manner possible.

Compard to her Bull's you're not even a man so accept that you are their servile bitch & you eat their seed & swab their big mushroom head knobs

Anonymous said...

Dang, wonder who the bestest Cocksucker is in that Famblee :)

Wifey sure knows how to give a lightning fast knob swabbing head polish (aka the Cocksucker's thank you sir)

Anonymous said...

hehehe...am sure her hubby knows his way around a pecker head. He's got the knack of tongue twirling down pat from the looks of him getting her cream pie cleaned up.

mysster said...

with luck,a cuckold can do both.

learning to swallow cum brought to him by Woman plus letting Her fulfill Herself by breeding with a variety of males . . . and having Her 'house husband' raise the brood.