A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Desent into Depravity

Oh baby I wish you could have seen how big he was
Lying between her legs licking the very place HE had entered her, you search for a taste left inside her as you listen. It was so erotic it almost made your sleepless night of worry worth it and yet you wanted more, if only you could watch them together, and maybe get a taste of them both, now that would really be a turn-on...

Hubby eats HIS cum
With his spent cock just inches from your face you try not to think about the taste and texture but about how humiliated and turned-on you were on the bottom and close to the action. As they made love you were the forgotten partner of this 3-sum but now it's your turn so you better not wretch over what's dripping into your mouth. With his spent cock just inches from your face it just seemed natural to reach up and clean HIM next besides he was coated with her juices as well as his own.

She laughed and called you a cocksucker and it only turned you on more

Of course, HE knew what you really wanted even if you didn't and the next time you were allowed to be there he made sure you knew your place. You sat on your knees beside the bed with HIS dried cum  on your face watching them perform.


Anonymous said...

BTW, this is my wife. She likes other men to see her like this. It is not my choice. She told me to show you.

She enjoys frank comments on her, if you have any.

She takes lovers. Her boss has had her. I have not fucked her for months.

Publish the picture if you like. She will enjoy my humiliation.


Unknown said...

I always love seeing a man take a shot across the lips, but that animation of the cum dripping into cuckie's mouth . . . oh, yummy!