A Humiliated Husband

The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Black Man's Retribution

For centuries the white man has enslaved the black man, first literally and then financially. now in the 21st century the black man has learned if he can't get his due retribution from the corporate board room then he will claim it from the bedrooms of white suburbia. The white man's wife is bored with her life and fed up with a lily white dicked poor excuse of a man who gives whatever she wants except sexual satisfaction. Many of these women (and more everyday) are discovering the joys of exciting sex with a Black Man, a real man who doesn't care what they want and yet at the same time knows what they need.

The Black Adonis, the cure for the bored white housewife
The most extraordinary aspect of this new era of Black/white dynamic is what their wives are fantasizing about are turning on the white husband as well. The white husband not only doesn't mind his wife having sex with a Black Man he relishes the very thought and wishes he could watch his wife being taken by a big Black brute. The husband wishes he could share in his wife's pleasure and something else he won't even admit to himself, he wishes he could be taken as well. He has seen the manhood so many Black Men have and wonders what it would feel like in his hand, or heaven forbid, between his lips.

No hubby it's OK if she makes you do it
If his wife 'made' him hold it, maybe put it in for her or even... make it wet with his mouth to help ease it into her, wait he has to stop thinking this way or he might cum just thinking about it.

Giving her what no white man can
This is what hubby wanted, on his knees at the end of the bed watching a real man giving his wife what she has needed all their married life. Of course there is a catch, now that hubby has seen what she needs he will no longer be able to perform, for every time he starts to make love to his wife he will picture her vulva split wide by the Black Man's cock and hubby will go soft with embarrassment .



Eric M said...

So true, giving her what no white man can, and what every white woman desires. The creation of another pathetic white husband is the end result. He will no longer be able to stay hard after he has had her, he will clean his mess from her, and him, and for ever be a sissy just like the rest of us. His life will never be better. Instant front runner for next Sundays photo post of the week!

Ricardo-DF quero casais said...

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Anonymous said...

It's instinctive. Females of all species desire to mate with the most virile dominant male with the biggest sex organ. My wife's black lover has a cock almost 3 times the size of 4 inch penis . That's why our wives daughters and even our mothers will turn to the black man for their sexual needs.

Fred Cuckold said...

as coisas mudam, cada vez mais os maridos brancos estao se tornando escravos sexuais de homens negros, sendo humilhado por eles e por sua esposa, mas os negros por sua vez os humilham sem ter que chicotear-los.

things change, more and more white husbands are becoming sex slaves to black men being humiliated by them and his wife, but blacks turn humiliate them without having to whip them.

Anonymous said...

As a favor to the wife, the bull can butt fuck the wimp husband, that will guarantee that he will be compliant and obedient. Plus the wife will enjoy watching it. And as you showed in another post the bull may elect to do it when the wife is on her period. That's probably all he could take of that, once a month.