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The Masochistic fantasies of a husband in a vanilla marriage.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Readers Wife

Sexy wife shows off
This uber sexy woman is the wife of one our followers. He has asked me to post it to further his humiliation. I think we can all agree how lucky he truly is to have such a life partner


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Yes, that is my wife. Feel free to taunt me about the picture. A lot more men should see her. As I said, she takes lovers. But I have not had her myself for a long time.

One of her boyfriends took this shot. She took her panties and skirt off to amuse him. He kept her panties as a souvenir.

She says she enjoys being married to me because I am undemanding, and her lovers enjoy sleeping with a married woman.

Thank you for posting the picture.

Eric M said...

To Anonymous- Thank you for sharing your lovely wife. She looks like she could be quite dominant over the right submissive man. I love how she freely will show herself for others, and not for you, that is probably humiliation in its self to you. You are very lucky! As far as your wife goes, it looks like she can demand any cock that she wants from any man she pleases, also probably humiliating to you. Great pic. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Me again. She is far too attractive for me. So I have to share her, naturally.

Having strangers looking at the most intimate parts of her body, and knowing that I am rarely allowed there in real life is the most excitement I can get.

She did change her surname to mine when we married, but this was so people would know that I have an unfaithful wife.

Eric M said...

Also- SOmething very dominant about Red heads. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Eric. I am glad you enjoyed the sight of her. She is spectacular isn't she?

Her lovers are much more powerful men than me, mostly. And often younger.

This is all very humiliating, and I am glad you are enjoying my shame. I richly deserve to be taunted, so thank you, Eric.

Anonymous said...

Well, she is a redhead top and bottom, as you can clearly see!

Eric, if there is anything you want to know, you only have to ask.

Eric M said...

Anonymous- How long have your wife and you been involved in this lifestyle? How did it begin for you? Was the relationship originally vanilla and traditional and then change to cuckolding to better the marriage? Is the relationship a FLR, or just mostly cuckolding?

I have a fairly new blog that I post on regulary, It stays up to date unlike so many of these blogs. Feel free to check it out, I think you may enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Eric, for your incisive questions. Always happy to answer.

My wife had many lovers before me, whereas I was quite inexperienced. I think she found me pleasant and easy-going. Our marriage has been mostly her being a bit dominant. I do a lot of the housework.

She earns better money than me.

She has continued to take lovers. Sometimes I know. Sometimes I only find out later. There is nothing I can do. I am not entirely happy about it, but I get to live with an attractive woman.

But I do have to share her, and showing this picture of her is part of that. It is deeply humiliating, of course.

Anyway, have a good look at her pussy.

Unknown said...

Yes, I can see her red haired slit very easily as can many other men! It's great that we all get to see your wife's "bits". How shaming for you! Other men kissing and feeling and mounting her, probably as others watch, waiting to take their turn! Maybe we can allow you to watch also, whilst being masturbated vigorously by an enthusiastic gay man as he kisses your neck and lips!

Anonymous said...

J. Apsley

Yes. Thank you.

Yes, anyone on the Internet can now clearly see my wife's gash. I think her red haired pussy should appeal to many men.

We had been married a couple of years when that photo was taken.

I guess you all get to see as much of her as me, as I hardly get near her pussy these days.

You are right. It is very shaming for me.

Unknown said...

Oh don't worry, many men will be accessing her charms! I can see her now, legs held apart in the air, by grinning men as another pumps his semen in to that red gash.....her gasping with pleasure as she gets "seen to".....you will be grateful to lick the issue from her nasty hole after her breeding, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

J. Apsley

She has had plenty of lovers who have enjoyed spreading her legs and entering her delicious gash. I am merely one of many, and one of the least important to her, unfortunately.

You are obviously enjoying my humiliation at my wife being on display.

I suppose I can only congratulate all the men who get to enjoy her visually and more physically. It is outside my control.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. My conscience has got the better of me.

That is not my wife. It is just some slutty girl I found on the Internet.

It was all made up.

You can stop fapping.


Herboitoy said...

Anonoymous Don't feel bad, we all enjoyed living the moment with you. And who knows maybe she is some lucky devils slutty wife

Eric M said...

I am very disappointed to find out that that is not your wife. Don't feel bad, as herboitoy said, Its understandable that you would fantasize about that. So here is the real question, you were on that site for a reason, what is your real story? Is there any advice that other submissive or cuckolded men can give you?

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Herboitoy said...

I was just hit with an epiphany. What if Mr. Anonoymous was telling the truth all along and then his wife found his postings and made him deny them because she didn't want to be embarrassed by being associated with such a loser. Just sayin

Unknown said...

Conscience! For goodness sake, it's 95% fantasy on here. I enjoy the "feeling" of cuckolding......of the humiliation....
You were and I was enjoying the fantasy that this is your wife, with her cunt on display to many men. There is nothing wrong with fantasy.

Herboitoy said...

J, the fantasies I receive from blogs such as these have nothing to do with goodness or her sake and yet I agree with everything you say